Manage your client's environment, energy and BMS all from one place

Enterprise Manager enables facilities, energy and estate personnel to view operational problems, interrogate energy data and optimise environmental conditions in one simple, easy to use platform.

Enterprise Manager

It is designed to give global visibility of the key areas that affect your buildings’ environmental and energy performance using site data collected via WEMS Site Managers or NiagaraAX compatible hardware. The ability to interrogate this data is the key to improving the way you manage field resources, maintenance and energy budgets, whilst maintaining your optimum operating environment at the lowest cost.


Managing your own, or your client’s estate using Enterprise Manager will deliver:

  • A better working environment
  • Lower energy costs
  • Reduced maintenance callouts
  • Targeted use of capital budget

Client dashboards

Dashboards are great tools that give you the advantage of summarised data in a snapshot and can greatly improve your operational and energy efficiency. Opposite are just some of the things our dashboards can help with. If you have a specific requirement, why not have a chat with our R&D department and we can see if we can develop something bespoke for you.


Ideal for buildings or areas that have lost connection for data reporting, have poor cooling or heating plant or are too hot or too cold.


Energy dashboards are great for optimising your workflow. They allow you to concentrate your efforts on those buildings that have exceptional usage out of hours, or can highlight sites that are underachieving against your savings threshold.

Alarm dashboards

Enterprise Manager’s alarm dashboards can provide you with critical energy and environmental data at a glance. The dashboard can detail alarms for temperature, plant faults, system overrides and battery or communication alarms, giving you the vital data you need to run your estate.

Operational tools

You can quickly identify the poor performing buildings/sites that show inefficient heating or cooling patterns, those that are outside expected temperature ranges or just don’t show up on reports.

Graphical views

Each building’s data can be seen in one view including temperature, time schedules, relay logs and energy data.

Thermal mapping

A rolling 12 month thermal profile of each building which shows the internal average temperature achieved against any given local outside air temperature.

History of site events

All significant events are logged and can be recalled or compared using the graphical views to show current performances or compared over a time period.

Energy functions

Top hat profiling

A view of each meter’s half hour usage, last three week average usage for same day of week, and internal/external temperature performance for that day. The usage view shows the trading period, out of hours, last three week daily average and over-usage exceeding the last three week average.

Out of hours over usage

You can set a usage target for trading hours. The baseboard will take you directly to the league table showing poor performing sites and you can go directly to the top hat profiling for the site.

Savings performance

Daily and weekly regression models calculate the savings data using the IPMVP standard for measurement. Provides live accurate savings data, both monthly and accumulative, for each site on a day plus one basis.

DUoS tariff periods

Each site is measured against the DUoS tariff for their the area and the red, amber and green times mapped to their daily profile. Using this information, we can then implement a load-shedding optimisation strategy to minimise high unit cost tariff period.

Usage push reports

A configurable push report for actual non-adjusted year-on-year kWh usage that can compare various aspects of usage and outside air temperature from this year, last year or the last 10 years. Assists in accurate estimation of energy usage for remainder of year. 

Plant & environment alarms

It is difficult to manage a multi-site, multi-building environment using just alarm alerts. Our rule-based alarm management system allows you to set rules that make the task more efficient – allowing you to get on with your day job, instead of drowning in a sea of alarms. 

Alarm map

The alarm map shows all alarms using Google Maps, allowing you to zoom into exact locations to identify all alarms present, or see trends in different parts of the country/world.

Alarm statistics

Our alarms stats give you an overall view of alarms in an estate. The alarms can be filtered by type or site, helping you target the worst performing sites as a priority.



Critical alarm states can be reported via email as soon as they happen, giving you vital intelligence often before the site itself is aware. 

Data reporting tools

WEMS Enterprise Manager contains a library of configurable reports which an be scheduled or run on an ad-hoc basis. if you have a specific report requirement, our development team can create a bespoke report for you, provided we have access to the required data.  Automated reports can be configured to mine the information within Enterprise Manager and email the reports at daily, weekly or monthly intervals. All reports can be emailed in HTML or CSV format for you to interrogate further.

Metering reports

  • Electric, gas or water consumption
  • Incorrectly logging meters

Alarm reports

  • Flexible report by date range, alarm type or site
  • Manual override by count or list of alarms
  • Overall alarm count

Temperature reports

  • Site maximum/minimum temperatures
  • Sites above or below a specific temperature range

Other reports

  • Security set or unsets
  • Systems without data for last number of days elapsed

Device reports

  • Devices in comms fail
  • Excessively logging devices logged by value count

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