WEMS Wireless BEMS in Latin America

WEMS (Wireless Energy Management Systems Limited) has announced a significant order for wireless BEMS from its newest Value Added Reseller (VAR), PointVerde, based in Mexico City.

This is the largest single order for WEMS product the company has ever received, and is a major step forward in the development of the WEMS business in the Latin American region.  

EECO customers to benefit

PointVerde (www.pointverde.com) is a Mexico-based Energy Efficiency Company (EECO) and Facilities Management company with customers in retail, education and hospitality, across Mexico, Colombia, Peru and the Dominican Republic. It provides energy-saving technology and systems to improve energy performance for its clients’ properties. It passes on the savings to them on a shared basis once energy savings have been achieved (EPC funded via share of savings). 

Careful evaluation

After a 9-month period of evaluation alongside other technologies, including a POC installation managed by WEMS in Cancun, Mexico, PointVerde opted for WEMS as its wireless controls solution of choice for all of their clients’ facilities. PointVerde has also recently achieved WEMS VAR status. The company has initially committed to a roll-out of a WEMS solution of over 100 stores in the first year alone. 

Reasons for using WEMS wireless BEMS

For PointVerde, the ease of deployment, full suite of supporting products (Enterprise Manager, Product Manager, Site Manager, Wireless I/O) and the reduced requirement for onsite commissioning are cited as the reasons for opting for the WEMS technology. 

Luis Lugo, CEO of PointVerde commented:  “We went through a careful selection of technologies to adopt a robust system that would enable us to install quickly and cheaper and provide a strong data management architecture to allow for monitoring and control of various clients.”

Mr. Lugo was also impressed by the WEMS wireless BEMS for quickly deploying product to a large number of sites.  

Bright future

Commenting on the order, Paul Price, WEMS’ Head of Sales said: “This is just the start of a fantastic and fruitful relationship with an exciting and innovative company. PointVerde is rapidly expanding its client base and has a major pipeline of new customers who will benefit from the WEMS product range. We look forward to working with their team to achieve long-term energy savings on a significant scale.”

WEMS is now working with PointVerde on final designs for another retail chain in Colombia, and expects an initial roll-out for 11 stores in the next few weeks.  Moving forward, PointVerde also has aspirations to take WEMS technology into smaller retail chains and across non-retail applications.

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