The world’s first wireless building energy management system

Designed and manufactured in the UK

We offer the world’s first fully wireless energy management system. Our solution enables your organisation to take control of its energy costs, by monitoring lighting, heating and air conditioning equipment to identify wastage across multiple sites and start saving money instantly. Our solution also improves operational efficiency – reducing site call-outs, and identifying equipment failures. To date, our wireless system has been successfully installed at more than 5,500 sites, enabling our customers to typically reduce energy consumption by between 10% and 30% of their total energy spend, and sometimes far more.

Internationally available

As well as working with many VAR partners throughout the UK, our system is delivered to customers worldwide via our international partner network, which is rapidly expanding as we move into new markets. We currently have key partnerships in Europe, North America, Southern Africa and the Middle East.



Key benefits

Simple to install

Unlike conventional energy management systems, our wireless solution is quick to install and creates little disruption to your business operations. A typical installation takes place during working hours and will be completed in just a few days, with minimal down-time.

Easy to manage

The WEMS solution is easy to use, with a centralised management and monitoring system that supports energy analysis at an estate-wide level. Control all aspects of your energy usage remotely, with dashboards that provide instant access to key data.

Fast return on investment

Your customers will typically see a return on investment within 18 months. The WEMS solution costs less to install and maintain than comparable wired energy management systems, which are more complex and labour-intensive.

The number one building energy

management system

Our mission

Our mission is to make building control systems simpler and more affordable so that they can be cost-effectively retrofitted to existing buildings to save energy and reduce operational costs. So far we have installed our wireless energy management solution in over 5,500 buildings, mostly in the UK. Now we are building on our UK success to bring the benefits of our technology to buildings all over the world.

UK manufacturers

We are based at two locations in Stockport, England, and employ teams of both hardware and software engineers with a wealth of experience in the building controls industry.
We have a dedicated team of support and training engineers to troubleshoot any issues or provide advice where required.

Become a partner today

Becoming a partner and using our wireless I/O couldn’t be easier. To get started, just request a call back from our partner manager.

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