WEMS wireless I/O for NiagaraAX

Wireless that works...

Our fast and robust wireless IO for NiagaraAX delivers quicker, less disruptive project installation. The speed of install and the reduced time on-site will allow you to complete more installs, in a larger spectrum of buildings.

Wireless IO for NiagaraAX

Using our wireless IO modules with NiagaraAX or our wireless BEMS seamlessly delivers a whole range of benefits. It provides a cost effective way to extend existing sites that would otherwise be too costly to wire. What’s more, it makes the retrofit of controls much easier and less disruptive – as there is no need to interfere with the fabric of the building.
From an engineering perspective, the result is faster, less disruptive project installation. Ultimately the driver delivers more profit and/or greater opportunity to win contracts on smaller or more challenging sites where installation costs are traditionally high, such as smaller retail premises, warehouses, depots and historic buildings, for example.


Integrate with NiagaraAX or use with our wireless BEMS


Wireless sensors for NiagaraAX


Our high performance wireless room sensors operate using 434MHz for maximum penetration within a building. Our sensors can be installed in a matter of minutes, are compact and discrete – and the design allows them to blend into any setting seamlessly.

Wireless controllers for NiagaraAX


Our wireless integrated controllers combine relays, digital and analogue inputs and outputs to deliver fast wireless switching, or communication of vital data back to your wireless BEMS or NiagaraAX platform.

WEMS modular system for NiagaraAX

Modular I/O

WEMS offers a range of modular I/O offers that deliver unprecedented flexibility, to simplify installation and minimise the cost of the overall installation.

Wireless interfaces for NiagaraAx


We have a range of interfaces to extend the range of your wireless system, or to integrate our wireless I/O into a NiagaraAX platform

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