Wireless controllers

Our wireless integrated controllers combine relays, digital and analogue inputs and outputs to deliver fast wireless switching, or communication of vital data back to your wireless BEMS or NiagaraAX platform.

Wireless Controllers

Our high performance wireless controllers operate using 434MHz for maximum penetration within a building, feeding vital environmental details back to your WEMS or NiagaraAX platform. They combine multiple I/O points into a single unit, enabling you to keep your costs down and can even act as hopping devices to achieve greater wireless range.


WEMS wireless Controller 1

Controller 1

The Controller 1 is a 230V AC powered intelligent wireless input/output module, providing one relay output, four digital inputs and two temperature or light sensor inputs.

WEMS wireless Controller 3

Controller 3

The Controller 3 is a 12V DC powered intelligent wireless analogue input/output module, providing three analogue 0-10V outputs and two 0-10V DC inputs.

WEMS wireless Controller 4

Controller 4

The Controller 4 is an intelligent wireless input/output module, providing four relay outputs, six digital inputs and two temperature or light sensor inputs.

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