Dual band repeater

The WEMS dual band repeater module provides a reliable high-power wireless network backbone throughout large buildings for either a WEMS wireless BEMS or a NiagaraAX platform with one of our wireless Niagara interfaces.



  • High performance wireless narrow band operation
  • Dual band operation, 434MHz and 868MHz
  • 434MHz – 10mW RF output power
  • 868MHz – 500mW RF output power
  • License-free use (ISM bands)
  • Compatible with existing WEMS systems
  • DIN rail mount


Temperature & humidity

Operating temperature range -10 to +50°C

Operating humidity <75% RH (Non condensing)

Storage temperature -20 to +85°C

Storage humidity <90% RH (non-condensing)

Cooling Convection



Supply voltage 9-40VDC

Current consumption 350mA@12V (4.2W) max

Switch on inrush current 600mA@12V



RF frequency 433.05 – 434.79MHz

RF output 8dBm max

RF sensitivity -115dBm

RF bandwidth 25kHz (Narrow band)

RF channels 69


RF frequency 868 – 870MHz

RF output 10mW (10dBm) max

HP RF frequency 869.400-869.650MHz

HP RF output 500mW (26dBm) max

RF sensitivity -108dBm

RF bandwidth 25kHz (Narrow band)

RF channels 80



Enclosure UL94-VO flame retardant PC, IP20 rated

Mounting 35mm DIN rail (EN 50022, BS 5584, DIN 46277-3) or direct surface mount. Optional adaptor for G rail mounting


Weight & dimensions

Weight 110g (without antennas)

Width 53mm

Height 90mm

Depth 58mm



EN 301 489: Electromagnet compatibility

EN 61000: Electromagnet compatibility


EN 60950: Information technology equipment

EN 60730: Automatic electrical controls

EN 50366: Domestic equipment


EU R&TTE directive for 25kHz

EN 300 220: EMC standard for short range devices

EN 301 489: EMC standard for radio equipment and services




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