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Fully wireless BEMS

Install more systems in more places

Add BEMS control to more sites then ever before using our wireless system.

WEMS Wireless BEMS being built off-site

Pre-build entire systems off-site for faster installs

It’s not only the lack of wires that makes our BEMS so simple to engineer and install. Our devices can be built off-site (either by your own team or ours), installed quickly, and cost effectively.

This keeps project costs and specialist skills requirements to an absolute minimum. What’s more, our wireless BEMS is built to open standards, which supports integration with existing building management systems.

WEMS wireless room sensor being placed

Install quickly, even during business hours

Because our sensors are wireless and discrete, they can be installed during regular working hours. That means no overnight labour and no costly shut-downs for your clients.

Sensors can be installed in a matter of minutes, with no cables to run, no ceilings to cross or holes to drill – simple.

Manage your client’s environment, energy and BEMS all from one place

Enterprise Manager enables facilities, energy and estate personnel to view operational problems, interrogate energy data and optimise environmental conditions in one simple, easy to use platform.

It is designed to give global visibility of the key areas that affect a buildings’ environmental and energy performance using site data collected via WEMS Site Managers or Niagara compatible hardware. The ability to interrogate this data is the key to improving the way you manage field resources, maintenance and energy budgets, whilst maintaining your optimum operating environment at the lowest cost.

For more information on Enterprise Manager, call 0161 694 0115, email info@wems.co.uk or  click in the top right to get a demo.

BEMS Features



Trading, cleaning/prep period, display, signage and store room lighting can all be controlled with reference to presence detection, light levels, security status and time of day utilising a range of wireless monitoring modules.



Gas, oil, electric and solar heating systems of all types can be managed using a range of wireless control modules utilising the latest energy efficient control algorithms, thereby ensuring trading environments are maintained in the most efficient manner.

Air conditioning

Air Conditioning

Wireless control of split air-conditioning and centralised air handling units can be achieved, thereby managing cooling, heating and modulation. This minimises air-con usage and saves energy. Presence detection can be added to change temperature set points when the space is unoccupied.



Electric, gas, oil and water main meters or sub-metering, pulsed output or Modbus interface can be monitored through wireless modules in order to provide half hourly and daily profiling of energy consumption. Alarm levels can send alerts if the anticipated profile is exceeded.



Full web-enabled control from any web browser enables the estate owner to remotely manage any site from anywhere in the world. Users can review performance logging and change set points through an intuitive icon driven user interface.



A wireless interface to the intruder alarm can monitor if the system is set, unset or in active status. This can be linked to lighting, heating and ventilation systems control in order to ensure minimal out of hours energy usage when the security system is set.



Plant alarms and monitoring are used to notify the support desk of any faults or overrides that may affect performance, and increase energy usage. Alerts can be sent directly via SMS, e-mail or XML. Managing issues remotely effectively minimises unscheduled call-outs.

Applications for BMS Professionals

More information available upon request.

Call +44 (0)161 694 0115 or email info@wems.co.uk

  • Demand response
  • STOR
  • Frequency response
  • Metering
  • ABB inverter interface
  • Danfoss inverter interface
  • Emmerson inverter interface
  • Optimiser
  • Compensator
  • Pump changeover
  • Step sequencer
  • PID control
  • Waterside fancoil unit control
  • Airside fancoil unit control
  • Lighting control
  • Auto seasonal setpoint adjustment
  • Occupancy environmental control
  • A/C overlay control
  • Global commands over network
  • Modbus over long range wireless

System Architecture

WEMS Wireless BEMS Example System Topology